Louisiana VOAD


Mission & Purpose  


The mission of Louisiana Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (Louisiana VOAD) is to enhance the effectiveness of service providers and stakeholders who help communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters, with the overall purpose of lessening the impact of disasters on Louisianans.


Louisiana VOAD accomplishes its mission by

  • serving as a forum for the sharing of knowledge and resources
  • raising awareness among providers & stakeholders about best practices in providing services throughout the disaster cycle
  • advocating for sound public policies that support its mission and purpose
  • sponsoring activities that strengthen local coalitions
  • serving a coordinating role in statewide response and recovery efforts

Louisiana VOAD practices and champions the “4Cs” as guiding principles for how we operate and promote our mission:

Cooperation: We understand that our common goals for a community can be best achieved by working together, and learning from one another. Therefore, we work toward creating a climate for cooperation at all levels: federal, state, regional, local, and grass roots.

Communication: We promote and facilitate the regular sharing of information about and between our member organizations and partners—their capacities, accomplishments, limitations and commitments.

Coordination: We commit to working together toward the goal of delivering effective service throughout the disaster cycle.

Collaboration: To put our mission and principles in practice, we form strategic partnerships, establishing shared goals and working together to achieve them.






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